Another shoot I did in 2021. I’d photographed their mom early 2021 and a few weeks later she brought her kids over for our first shoot. The kids weren’t sure what to do at first so we just went with goofy faces and then their mom played some music on her phone and then it was a party!

1920’s they were still dealing with a pandemic. Makes me wonder if there will be one in 2120. Assuming we haven’t gone all Mad Max by then hopefully the fashion will still be en vogue. Here are a few pieces from a shoot I did with Jeanevev last month. She’d been to a theme party and looked so fancy it seemed like a good idea to capture the outfit and her class for posterity.

In this case long gone.

As I continue to slowly post things that were shot in the last year but were never posted for whatever reason (in this case, holding off on a magazine submission), this one seemed a fun one to get some screen time. I shot this with Caitlyn at The Grove in Gilbert, AZ in January 2021. It’s a neat little location when it’s kept up.