We are all inspired by someone. When I used to write books my inspirations were Isaac Asimov, Philip K. Dick, Final Fantasy, James Bond, and the Hardy Boys (the detectives, not the wrestlers, though I SO want a movie where they take a Hardy Boys mystery and have the wrestlers in place of the teenagers).

I recently became aware that a photo I made back in December with Roarie Yum (IG: roar_yum) inspired artist Nicola Bongiorno (IG: nb_crap) to make his own unique image.

nb_crap 2020-03 from my shot of Roarie

This was a reminder to me that we all can inspire someone else to make something unique and beautiful. I am pleased to have helped contribute to another’s creative outlet just as others have inspired me.

Below I’ve included a censored version of the original image. I’m sorting through how best to share the artistic nudes I’ve started doing, but this seems a good time for a preview.



Earlier this month Lexi (Artography) conceived another photo series, this time focused on bullying (also see our last series “Depression”). The full series and interview is here.


It is a privilege to be asked to help someone make meaningful work.

If you have a story to tell, good or bad,  please consider emailing me (mrpvisionaries@gmail.com).

And of course if you are going through a difficult time please seek a professional to talk to. Art is good but real problems call for professionals.

Sometimes it’s fun to just try something. This set was inspired by a photo I made in Japan 3 years ago. My camera focused on the raindrops on the window between the train and me. So what if we did that on purpose?

Thanks to Lizzie Dame for being the color : )


I’ve had some honorable mentions, but this was the first time I’ve placed in a contest. I shared these individually on my FB page a couple of days ago, but here’s a proper post with them all together.

The first continues to be my most successful image.

The second was made in L.A. from the revolving lounge atop a hotel. I love the layers and colors and this is the second time it’s been on display in Texas.

The third one was years in the making. I’d asked my friend Scott to sit for me 4.5 years ago after the workshop and we finally found the time to make it happen.

Thank you to everyone who was involved in helping me make these images and thank you to the Dewitt County Shutterbugs for liking my work : )


Found out that the following image was a finalist, so top 5, in the recent London Photo Show.IMG_0713-Edit-Edit

Below are some stills of the show. Mine is the far right photo in the left-most thumbnail below.


I also received word today that I’ve placed in the DeWitt County Shutterbug Annual Contest in Texas: 3rd place for black and white, 3rd place for landscape, and 3rd place for portrait. They’ll be making an exhibition and posting online in a week or so. I’ll share the images once I know which photos placed.


…to back on the wall. While it did not place, this image will be on display at Praxis Gallery in Minnesota. It is always gratifying to have a chance to display work in a physical space in a physical way.

Thanks to Ty and Abby for their time and energy : )

Praxis 2020-03 - Open Theme

My paying job is nuclear medicine at a local hospital. Basically I use very big cameras to make pictures with radio-isotopes. Put nuclear in front of anything and it sounds important.

Nuclear dog food.

See? Seems important.

We have students at the hospital and I’ve been fortunate to meet many of these people. A few of them have even been kind enough to sit for me after they’ve graduated. One of the benefits of photographing former students is that we’ve had the better part of a year to get to know each other and stronger relationships always make for stronger photos.


Scott and I had been talking about doing a shoot centered around his sculpting since I’d gotten back from France in the fall of 2015. We finally got it together and it was worth the wait. His studio had great lighting and since he’s an (amazing) artist we spoke a similar language and both enjoyed the creative process. See more of them in the Public Galleries