Scorpius Dance Troupe’s show “Table” opens tonight (February 2nd) in Phoenix. Was privileged to be able to photograph the dress rehearsal last night. I only did act one so that I’d be see Act Two fresh tonight as a spectator. I also was struggling with the dim lighting and the lens I’d brought (that’s what I get for traveling light for once). But I made these few pieces.

Come see the show in color February 2-4th 2023 in Phoenix. You can find them here.

A few weeks ago I went driving eastward with a friend and we stopped in Miami on the way back to walk and look in the antique shops (always a good time.)

Just a few shots of the town. It’s an old mining town and there’s not much left.

Saturday Afternoon is on display in the Meadows Gallery at the University of Texas at Tyler for their 38th Annual International Exhibition. It will run through March 3rd with a reception March 2nd.

The gallery website is here, though there is not an online display of the show.

The Tokyo International Foto Awards dropped yesterday but I had to wait until to day to see the results for me because everyone else was likely checking their wins as well.

The series of “A” took another honorable mention, making it 3 out of 4 for the “IFA” series (darn PX3 : P)

The Budapest International Foto Awards dropped today. I’d submitted a series of a friend’s daughter from the last seven years and the mini-collection received an honorable mention.

Update: I received an email stating that this photo had won an honorable mention. Always good news to be mentioned honorably.

The “Black, White and All the Grays in Between” show opened to today in the gallery and online. I am pleased that “Saturday Afternoon” once again found a place to go visit.

The show runs through December 9th. You can see the 70 images in the show here.

Lincoln Gallery’s Annual Photography Show for 2022 opened November 11th and awards were given out for Architecture, Landscape, People, and a Best of Show.

My photo of Los Angeles made in 2018 from atop the Westin Bonaventure Hotel took second place in the architectural category.

Landscapes are not my main area of work, but I enjoy doing them and this is a rarity in that it’s an urban landscape. I was pleased with it at the time and it remains one of my favorite pieces because I saw it in my mind before I shot it and it came out as I had envisioned it. I like that I used the natural frame of the hotel I was in (the revolving cafe). I also like that the POV seems natural; the viewer can imagine him/herself standing where I was and feeling like s/he can walk out onto the platform (which you can’t; I shot this through a glass window).

You can see the other photos and awards here.

Annual birthday images!

Last five years have been very full of changes, ups and downs, like life in general, but at this point I feel like a chapter has closed, and whatever comes next is the next chapter.

Those of you who have followed my images the last few years probably saw a lot of raw emotion moving into healing. This year I have embraced that I am a solo and whole individual.

But also…a Father of Cats!

Quick Photoshop job to get it done in time for today. Buddy, Jaina and Faith are strays so as soon as I put them down they ran, but it’s just for my purposes so…whatevs.