Because I found out that one of my photos will be displayed digitally in the BBA Gallery ( in Berlin, Germany early in September. This is a result of placing high (enough) in a GuruShots contest a month or two ago.

I imagine it’ll just be on a rotating slide show with many many others…

But still…!!! : P

Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 12.19.39 PM


The summer theme, aside from water, seems to be trying to catch up. I’m still behind by one shoot. Typically I try to do one, edit one so I don’t get behind and people don’t have to wait more than 7-10 days at most, but that’s not been the case with the number of shoots I’ve gotten in and the 3 trips I took.

Oh well, good problems to have, right?

So, in an effort to start getting caught up on posting here’s another sampling from a shoot in June (Public Galleries)


I’ve created a dedicated Manitoba page for my landscapes last weekend.

Above is a bonus steel-wool spinning long exposure I made before the Northern Lights came out.

Special thanks to Beyond Boundaries Academy

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In June I managed to get in a few of the underwater shoots, which is good because in July I’ve done NONE (no one’s been around). Hopefully in August I’ll get a few more in before the weather starts to cool off (lol…that’s funny for us desert folk).

Check it out here (Public Galleries)