I’ve worked with many models over the last few years, and I am truly grateful to the people who give of their time and selves.


I’ve often thought that a lot of pictures I see (and have made) have poses that I just don’t get. Why is she falling downstairs? Why is she posing in a kitchen? Why the dramatic pose? Perhaps it is a failing or lack of understanding on my part, but I don’t get it.


I do know a chance for some fun and humor when I see one. So with that in mind I enlisted the aid of my dear friends Heather (model and photographer) and Becky Jo (MUA and actor among other things). Heather’s modeling style is exactly the type I wanted to have fun with and Becky and I met via a comedy troupe many years ago. These two were the perfect choices for my little project and both have expressed great pleasure at the outcome.

I hope all see the humor and know that it is with great affection that I present it with full permission of both my collaborators as I would never want to make any photo that makes someone feel less than loved and the wonderful gift they are to the world.

In addition to a gold award (see my myq-art.com page) I received an honorable mention for this series of “A.” My first (and still ongoing) project involves following a small group of families on an annual basis to create a sample timeline of the children as they age. This is the first time I’ve put together a sequence of one person for a contest.

Made these three images with Perrin Marie during her recent visit. It’s always a joy to work with her. These didn’t come out quite how I’d envisioned, but the process and working with Perrin was worth it even if I couldn’t quite get what I was after. I still like them.

I don’t get to do too many families other than my core handful these days, but recently I did a family shoot while the mother was less than a month from giving birth to the second daughter. I hadn’t met the first daughter and like many children she was a bit shy at first, but like many kids once you give them positive attention they shine.

I was especially pleased with a lot of the images because we were shooting in direct sunlight, which is always a challenge, but it can also afford certain opportunities.

I received a phone message Sunday morning that “Saturday Afternoon” had taken one of 6 honorable mentions in the Prairie Village Arts Council 2022 Art of Photography Show.

You can see all the winners here.

This past Saturday morning I was out at the crack of dawn for a requested shoot involving red powder. My young protege conceived the idea as a way of showing strength and courage after some recent events. I suggested dawn since I wasn’t free at sunset. Both are ideal times to shoot if one doesn’t use lights (which I don’t).

I elected to remove the other colors because I found them distracting and detracting, though I did edit versions in full color per her request. These are the black and white and red all over versions.

Oh, and she paid me in donuts and OJ (and I don’t do powdered donuts : P )

The Lucie Awards has announced their winners for the “Carte Blanche” contest. Saturday Afternoon was one of a handful of finalists in the “Street Photography” category. These are international awards and to be a finalist is still a success as far as I’m concerned given the large pool of excellent work.

You can see all the categories and finalists here.

Sometimes the little victories can mean more than bigger ones. This image is part of this month’s Black Box Gallery Show “Taking Pictures” on display from April 1 – 20. This is a special win for me because I’ve applied her many times but this is the second time I’ve been accepted and the first time as part of the physical show (last time it was all virtual due to Covid). Also, I love the picture and the young lady in it.

You can see both galleries here.