This is a B&W version of a photo in the short series Samantha – Clothes Make the Woman
It is the first in a series of real life stories and interviews with people I photograph. My goal is to marry my lifelong interest in writing with my more recent passion of photography.

Everyone has as story. It can be as macro as your life and as micro as what you wear. During our first session together Samantha talked about how she used to dress vs how she prefers to dress now. I asked why the change because there’s a reason for everything we do and even the shortest answer speaks volumes.

It is my hope others who like my visual work will be willing to open up about some aspect of their lives either because they are curious to see what we create, or they have a story that wants to be told, or maybe they just want to have a page about them : P  Whatever the reason, I invite you to come share with me.


This was from Good Friday actually I think, but the morning colors were beautiful and the moon was full.

Happy Easter.

Make sure you find all the eggs.


This photo was made in July of 2015 (re-edited today) before I did my workshop (the reason I was in France in the first place.) Given the destruction of this magnificent church I (along with the rest of the world no doubt) and looking for some of the better photos I took to share in memoriam. 

I did my Egypt tour through Alexander + Roberts (www.alexanderroberts.com) . I’d used them for Japan and have been quite happy with both experiences. They have very full itineraries but small groups of no more than 16, so if you have the cash (and thanks to some world traveling grandparents I’ve been fortunate enough to) they’re a great group to use.

This tour happened to have the company president along and when he found out I did photography he asked if I’d get some shots of the Oberoi Philae, a VERY nice cruise ship on the Nile. The photos they’d been provided weren’t up to what he was looking for. So when I had a few moments I fired off a few shots, touched them up when I got home and sent them off. They photoshopped in a background outside the window but the room shot is mine.

Alexander Roberts 2019-03-15 marked

I’m hoping a few others will get used as well, but in either event this marks another bit of  “commercial” work. Always nice to be appreciated : )


These are the tear sheets from the February 3rd Jr issue of MMMagazine. Check them out on FB. They have monthly and weekly editions for adults and juniors.

Below are the original images, including the ones they didn’t print.


This image, which I previously showed in London in October, was selected to be part of the show at Praxis Gallery in Minneapolis MN starting March 8th. If you’re in the area go check it out! (2715 E. 26th St. | Minneapolis MN 55406)