The SAGE 6th International Juried Photography Show is now live!

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Screen Shot 2021-01-26 at 8.39.33 AM

A few images from a cosplay documentation shoot. This is Rabbit’s version of a twisted Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit. She’s late to make Alice late and her tricks are NOT for kids.

You can see the rest on the cosplay page here.



It was actually photographed on the way to Jerome in August of 2016, but I’m pleased to be able to add it to my handful of successful landscapes. “Trinity” was accepted to the online portion of the Las Laguna Art Gallery show starting February 4th. 

Sometimes the best pictures are serendipitous. I’d gone to photograph a friend and as I arrived there was a very cloudy sky. In a moment of inspiration I asked Becky to get her paintbrush (I was there to photograph her painting her at the time boyfriend) and told her to face away from me while I lay back on the ground and hold up her brush as if she was working. The result is what you see. Note the right side where the detail of the clouds is not as intense. That’s because she hasn’t finished painting there yet.

The photograph currently is on display at the Wickford Art Association in Mass.


Please pardon my French.

Pardon my French : P

These are from a shoot I did this summer that I thought I’d posted, but maybe it was on Instagram. In any event, continuing the posts of tomfoolery (because who doesn’t need some silliness after last year) here’s a short sequence Becky and I did after a French-ish style themed shoot this past summer.

#baguette #amimeisahorriblethingtowaste


I generally tell people that my main work is black and white portraiture. But sometimes there’s some element of color that makes it better to leave it colorized. Kayla’s hair was brilliant, especially against the black, and it seemed a good idea to leave these in color.

And for those who like black and white…


Well maybe not the top but…let me explain…

Despite my successes this year there are STILL a gallery or two that I’d submitted to multiple times where my work wasn’t accepted (I KNOW, right?? : P  )  But today I received notice that one more bastion has been cracked.

The Black Box Gallery in Portland, OR accepted my black and white Mt Fuji landscape.


Landscapes are not my usual fare other than when I travel, but there are a few nice little gems from my various journeys and this was quite a sight on our last full day of that most excellent trip to the Far East (even though we traveled west…)

The exhibition will be virtual but I printed up a copy on 17 x 22 paper and it looks great.

…just in case anyone wants one : P