Last Sunday this young lady kindly agreed to play guinea pig and her mother eagerly threw flour around and over her in my first attempt at a “powder” shoot. I’m quite taken with some of the images and while there’s always room for improvement I’m happy with the results for our first outing.


For some reason I started doing “selfies” on my birthday a few years ago, and despite that I’m not a huge fan of them because 1 – it’s hard to do by yourself and 2 – I feel a bit narcissistic. But it’s become kind of a self-reflection I do once a year.

If any of you remember last year’s they were a bit…raw. It was a difficult year for so many reasons, but I got through it and this year’s offerings reflect that. I post them as a reminder to myself, and to you, that all things will pass and even if they leave a mark we can go on.


Lexi very kindly let me work with her on a series about her dealing with depression. These photos were submitted to a gallery show in Australia, but unfortunately were not accepted for the show. But here they are along with a short Q&A about them and how they came to be.

Lexi – depression


I had the privilege of making some photos with Carolina last week as she nears her due date. She had three poses in mind, but then after taking care of those she indulged me with two more ideas I had.

I am grateful for the opportunity to share in this very special time in her family’s life. In the last few years I’d been lined up to do photos for several expectant mothers only for scheduling conflicts, health issues, self-image issues, and one miscarriage to prevent the shoots from happening (I’m happy to add that the couple with the miscarriage now have an adorable baby girl). Pregnant women are beautiful and I’m grateful to have been able to make these portraits with her.

Public Galleries


Yesterday a member of the Texas Photographic Society notified me that the juror for the contest to which I’d submitted the above image accepted the above image as one of 50 pieces for their next show. The show will be at “The Silos in Houston” starting October 26th.

I made the photo from the rotating lounge of a hotel in Los Angeles in April of 2018 and I think it’s one of my better landscapes, even though it’s in “portrait” orientation. I’m quite pleased that it was selected and will be on display in print form.

Now I just have to go make the print : P