Okay, maybe not technically, but the water is warm enough (sort of) to start the year’s underwater work.

Want to try it out?

Want to get some practice?

Got kids who like to splash around? (They make the best subject for what I do).

I will be able to take a limited number of people over the course of the next few months (usually through mid-September).

Shoot me an email at mrpvisionaries@gmail.com with the subject “underwater.”

All minors MUST have a parent/legal guardian present AT ALL TIMES.

These sessions are TFP (unless you are 18 or older and like skinny-dipping; we can discuss rates).

Stay cool!

Caitlyn told me she wanted to do water droplets on glass. Apparently the glass itself didn’t matter (I offered various windows and panes) so I settled on one of the windows at my house because given the time of day we had available to us it seemed the best option. It took some doing to get the droplets right, but in the end I think we got a nice “rain” effect.

And for the black and white crowd…

Fire. She’s on fire.

But actually she wasn’t. No models were harmed during the making of these pictures.

Even the frame held up super well despite being lit up multiple times. This is the second time I’ve used it too.

I MUST give a big THANK YOU to Heather Myers for the idea and sharing her camera settings from when she and I did a similar shoot for a project I’m working on.

The frames and fire were all me and I’m pleased to say no one got hurt and nothing got burned down : P

Anywhere, here is what Caitlyn, Becky (makeup), and I did the other day.

And then a couple close-ups of Becky’s handiwork.

Actually in all fairness I have no idea if the magazine is rubbish or not, but they chose the ever-popular “Into Dreamtime” image for their 9th issue, so someone has taste : P

Artistonish 2021-04 issue 09

You can view the online version here.

You can find the link to buy a physical copy here

(I would use CHROME and NOT Safari – it had trouble with the page)


Artistonish 2021-04 badge

_MG_7263-EditThis photo was accepted to the online gallery for Photoplace Gallery’s “Composed” show, which technically starts May 28th, but you can see all the accepted images here

This type of photo is probably still my favorite to make despite the success of the underwater photos and the fun of the fine art stuff.

Photoplace Gallery 2021-05


Berenice and I were going to photograph some yoga poses on a mini-hike, but I hurt my ankle playing pickle ball (look it up, it’s all the rage). So we settled for some studio shots, which are none-the-less impressive thanks to her control over her body. Hopefully once my ankle heals we can hit the trail and make some outdoor images as well. In the meantime these should tide us over.

There is a monthly photography contest called Shoot the Frame. Each month they choose a winner in the face, land, and wild categories.

For March I was a finalist for face and finalist for land (need to find me some wild I guess).

The face belongs to traveling model Perrin Marie. You can see her work on Instagram

The land I previously posted last month with my images from my trip to Page, AZ.