I’ve created a dedicated Manitoba page for my landscapes last weekend.

Above is a bonus steel-wool spinning long exposure I made before the Northern Lights came out.

Special thanks to Beyond Boundaries Academy

( http://www.createbeyondboundaries.com )


In June I managed to get in a few of the underwater shoots, which is good because in July I’ve done NONE (no one’s been around). Hopefully in August I’ll get a few more in before the weather starts to cool off (lol…that’s funny for us desert folk).

Check it out here (Public Galleries)

I’m slowly getting caught up on my editing from having done an average of 2 shoots a week in June when I can really only process one a week. Oh well, not the worst problem to have if this is what I’m doing, no? (In Russia, photos edit YOU).

Added this latest water series to the Public Galleries page. Go have a look : )


I’d told myself I was going to take a night off from editing, but honestly, these little side shots were like a break because they were not part of a project or my usual fare. It’s nice to do something a little different for a few minutes before getting back to the main projects.

Been doing a lot of shoots the last couple of months and I’m behind in getting them culled and edited partially because I’ve been doing 1-2 a week AND the end of June I zipped back to PA for my annual pilgrimage to see fam and friends. I have two more sets ready to be posted, but in the meantime here’s a landscape from “Amish Central” I grabbed on my travels.



If you haven’t been to a Scorpius Dance Theatre performance you should go to one (www.scorpiusdance.com). Among the amazing performers I’ve seen over the last couple of years is Amy. She’s triple-jointed (at least, though I’m no expert) and was nice enough to agree to spend a couple hours of a Phoenix Tuesday evening with me. Go check out some of the results. ( Public Galleries )