I have 4 shoots scheduled for the next two weeks, so then maybe we’ll get back to people, but in the meantime I liked this crazy cat picture. It was the same evening as the sunset I posted a couple of days ago. Faith I caught mid-chops-licking and Jaina is eyeing another cat that’s eating down on the bridge. I feel like there’s a lot going on here and I’m quite the “father of cats.”


Downside to being between shoots is that I have to reach into the vault to find something to work on. Upside is sometimes you find a little gem. This park shot was from 3 years ago at Encanto Park when I’d been photographing one of the families I follow. 


A momentary step away from my usual fare. Yesterday I did three pieces in color and costume and this was an extra portrait we did after completing her set piece. I love working with L because she’s so patient, creative, and supportive. Being a beautiful young woman is an added bonus.


This to me is a nearly perfect example of the word “moment.” He’s wrapped in himself, as with the grasses, and the rest of the world is just beyond to the horizon, but in this second he’s lost in immediate thought. Resonates with me because I spend a fair amount (too much) time “navel-gazing” as my father would have said.

All things in moderation.

Including moderation.