Another two finalists from Shoot the Frame from the October submissions. Both love water, and at least one can balance a ball on her nose. Maybe that’ll be next month’s photo.

You can see all the month’s winners and nominees here.

The seals (sea lions?) photo is from the Alaska trip in June. The young lady is the daughter of a friend during an annual session this past spring where I used a white background instead of my usual black. Both are striking and have their advantages.

A preview from today’s shoot with Model Caitlyn and Makeup Artist Becky Jo. Always a fun time with these ladies. I’m still working on shoots from LAST weekend so it’ll be a little before I get to the rest, but many of the shoots I do these days aren’t necessarily family friendly or are for private clients, so it’s nice to be able to share something on this page : )

I’ve been doing these for a few years and some may recall the ones from three years ago were pretty raw.

This year I wasn’t sure what to do until I remembered the Kintsugi bowl that I had. The premise behind it is that when a pot is broken you repair it with gold and no two broken pots look the same, so every pieces is unique, and still beautiful, and still functional.

In the last three years I have felt broken a couple of times, and so it seemed fitting this year, when I think I finally feel whole again, to sit with the bowl to remind myself others, and those of you who many be going through hard times now, you are still beautiful, and you re still useful.

Received notice today that one of my 5 solo entries is featured in the submission gallery on Lens Culture’s home page. The awards close in about an hour and then it’ll be a few weeks before we hear any results. I’ve been entering Lens Culture for years and have never received an award. I’m not sure if having a photo in the gallery increases my chances of some notice, but all publicity is good publicity, yah?

I received word that four of my six entires to this year’s International Foto Awards won honorable mentions. I have yet to score higher in this particular contest, but it’s nice to know I haven’t slipped either.

Thank you to those who trusted me with your time and selves : )

This photo of the Margerie Glacier in Alaska was a finalist in September’s “Shoot the Land” competition. My Alaska trip has produced some good landscapes. Maybe I should travel more.

You can see the other finalists here.


Yes we do.

This was my first experience with the often-done “milk bath” concept. Took a lot milk and a lot of bath, but I think they came out rather nicely.

Thank you to mother and child for trusting me with their time and selves.

I was notified today that I received Bronze awards for my photo “Saturday Afternoon” and my latest entry in the “Most Sacred Duty” series for the PX3 awards in Paris.

Naturally any notice is nice, but last year I received a Gold award, so to drop to Bronze is a chance to reevaluate my work and see what I might have done better. Although it could have been a different jury. Art is so subjective.

But like I said it’s always nice to be noticed and the greater reward is being able to work with the people I do. I have great affection for all the children in these images and it is a privilege to be able to make such images, have such interactions, and be the subject of such trust.

The following were included in the series.

They say if you don’t enter you can’t win.

I wasn’t going to enter August’s Shoot the Frame competitions, but I did at the last second and…I won the “Shoot the Land” category for the month.

This comes as a surprise as, frankly, I thought the other images in the competition were all much better. I’ve been dubbed “a competent landscape photographer” but I don’t composite; I will edit to enhance shadows and color and perhaps adjust the cropping, but the images are largely what’s there. I don’t swap out skies or add other layers. Consequently I make some nice landscapes but it’s not my speciality.

Still, it’s an honor to be selected and a good reminder that if we don’t throw it out there it can’t stick.

You can see the rest of the month’s images here.

Also, funny thing, my entries for July, which I thought had just plain lost, must have been moments too late for July because the following image was a finalist for August: