I was in San Francisco with the Cosmonauts this past weekend. As I left the city Saturday to drive up to San Rafael for a shoot I stopped on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge and took this morning shot. The city being back-lit is not ideal, but it’s a nice little sky and water-scape with the city in the middle.




Sometimes you make a pretty picture.

Sometimes you get asked to capture a special moment.

I was privileged to document the moment when A and Z told their kids that they were going to have a younger brother or sister.

When people ask me what kinds of things I like to shoot…

A couple of months ago I came across an ad or an email for Saal Digital (https://www.saal-digital.com) and upon request received a voucher to try out their company. They have various products, but I chose to make an 8×8 photo album for a friend (she hasn’t see it yet, so no telling).

First thing you have to do is download the building software. Since I have a Mac this was easy enough. The photo book building program is similar to others I’ve used (Shutterfly, which is on their site, and Blurb which is also a downloaded software) so it didn’t take me long to figure out how to use it. Most of these sites have a standard number of pages you can fill and then each additional page costs a little more, so I kept the standard number of pages and placed one photo per page. Since I was creating what was more or less a portfolio book this worked nicely.

The book is good quality, higher ended than either Shutterfly or Blurb. The spine and back are black leather and the front looks like a clear plastic so the cover image can shine though but won’t be damaged. The pages are a thick and heavy duty card-stock so they don’t bend. This gives each photo the feel of being mounted with a nice shine that gives life and light to each page and picture.

Would I make another book? Yes, either for a gift or a special presentation copy. Like I said, it’s a higher end self-designed product and the price will reflect that, but it was easy to make, good solid quality, and the customer service was excellent.

You can check them out at saal-digital.com

What’s going on?

Where’d half the links go??

Why is that woman yelling at that cat???

Can’t help you with the last one, but as for the first two I’m in the midst of revamping the page. I wanted to get it done for the new year, but of course that didn’t quite happen. It’ll likely be an ongoing process for a while, but hopefully within the next week or so it’ll congeal into its next iteration. In the meantime, stay tuned to blog posts and peruse what’s around. Much of it is still here and will soon be updated.

Thanks for your patience and happy new year : )

2020-01 - Guru Shots - Digitial Exhibition - Melbourne

One of my favorite portraits from my first year (2015-2016) will appear digitally down under in a couple of weeks. Now I just need a photo of a kangaroo in a bow tie checking out my photo in a gallery. It could happen; everyone in Australia has a kangaroo right?

: P

I’d settle for even a wallaby…


After what seems like a fairly dry spell I managed to get some people scheduled for shoots. This was the first time I’d photographed M, so we started with a basic portrait session in my back yard. Since I usually work with people who aren’t used to being photographed, certainly not formally, I like to spend most of the first session talking and getting them used to the fact that I have a camera. By the end we usually have made a small handful of good photos. I only share the ones my creative partner has approved. They can be found on the Public Galleries page.