Last week I had the pleasure of trading an hour with a photographer who was in town for a wedding job and wanted to get some updated photos of herself. We went to a local park and took turns shooting and modeling and I had an absolute blast. At the end of the hour we traded memory cards back so that we’d each have the photos of ourselves.

Below are a few that Heidi shot and I edited. Maybe if the whole photography thing doesn’t work out I can be a “dad-bod” model.

This morning I received an email notice of two Honorable Mentions for two photos I’d submitted to the International Photo Awards. They give out a lot of these but it’s always nice to be noticed and the other photos that also received HMs are amazing, so I’m pleased to be in such skilled and beautiful company.


I’ve created a second webpage.


This page is a more stream-lined site designed to showcase my art photos, portraits, and fine-art nudes. The usual and regular content on my main site ( will continue, but this site will include my ongoing projects including the underwater work and photography featuring the human form au naturale. Galleries for all of these will be coming soon(-ish).

Okay, so it’s actually second place, but for me it is the highest award an individual piece (or a series for that matter) has achieved to date. I was surprised to find I was one of seven prize winners on Tuesday and never expected to receive more than an honorable mention. To be honest I’m still a little stunned.
I’m especially pleased because the trend, rightly, is that photos that win contests are usually of a journalistic nature or political, and one can argue that this is appropriate given that we need to document the important happenings in our world. My work is purely artistic and so a bit of a luxury creatively, but as a couple of friends have reminded me sometimes we need art for art’s sake. Sometimes we need calming and pretty images. Many have said they find “Into Dreamtime” peaceful and soothing. Maybe it’s an ideal second image to look at after all the politics and turmoil of the year.

Yesterday I spent 8 hours at Arcosanti for a photography workshop. If you’ve never been it’s about an hour north of Phoenix and I recommend taking one of the tours, especially if you like architecture. 

I’m not really an architecture photographer and we had very little time with the perfect light, but I whipped up a few decent little shots from the surroundings.

I went to another meetup tonight and as if often the case there were more peeps with cameras than subjects for said camera peeps. But I managed to snitch this young lady away for two quick photos with which I’m rather pleased. Plus I got out of the house which we homebody types must do on occasion.