Monday 12/4 my wife and I drove over two hours to do a location shoot. People who know me know I REALLY don't like traveling, but sometimes you have to do it. I'm not allowed to share our work yet since she's trying to have it accepted for publishing, but this was a quick shot … Continue reading Location


The last couple of days we've actually had clouds in the Arizona sky. One nice thing about a partial overcast is that you can take a picture of the sun (don't look at it!) and create these heaven/ascending images. I love making them because I can lose myself in a moment.

Catch up!

Hi! I've been playing catchup for a couple of weeks since I had a slew of shoots mid-to-late September. However now's the time to start thinking about photo needs for the holidays in case you do the photo/card thing or just want to have updated photos while the fam is gathered. Also with Halloween and … Continue reading Catch up!