This is the page where I tell you about me.

I grew up in Pennsylvania and in 2005 moved to Arizona where I’m rarely cold and don’t have to shovel snow or cut grass.

I graduated from Bucknell University with a major in English and a minor in Chemistry. I worked at Barnes & Noble for four years where my greatest achievement was becoming “that guy.” (There’s a story there for later.)

Currently I pay the bills as a nuclear medicine technologist. (Sounds impressive right? You put nuclear in front of anything and it sounds good. Nuclear Dog Food? Awesome!) This lets me write and photograph on the side without having to resort to living on ramen and sleeping on friends’ couches. (In fairness I do like ramen and some of my friends have very comfortable couches).

The rest of my time is devoted to my various cats (2 indoor and 3 outdoor + the occasional guest as of the time of this writing.)

My ultimate dream would be to visit Mars. In the meantime I’d love to photograph you.

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