That’s Frequently Asked Questions (not Finely Applied Quotes, Finicky Apple Queens, or Foxily Aged Quinoa).

How long have you been into photography?

I started in high school using 35mm film (I know, how retro before it was retro) and spent many hours in the darkroom. I got a digital camera once the prices had come down a bit and did landscapes when I traveled. Then in 2015 I attended a workshop in France with a photographer I’d admired for years and learned how to do portraits. At this point I work entirely digitally for the practical reasons of time and expense, but wouldn’t mind getting back into film if I had the time and resources.

What kind of photography do you do?

In the past I did mostly landscapes. Then about two years ago I did a portrait workshop in France and since then I’ve really enjoyed portraits and family in-the-moment images.

Do you shoot color or black and white?

Depends what I’m shooting. Most of my work is black and white, but some photos look great in color. Landscapes are mostly color and hired jobs (such as sports teams) are almost entirely color.

Do you do weddings?

This is not a line of work I’m pursuing at this time.