That’s Frequently Asked Questions (not Finely Applied Quotes, Finicky Apple Queens, or Foxily Aged Quinoa).

How long have you been into photography?

I started in high school using 35mm film (I know, how retro before it was retro) and spent many hours in the darkroom. I got a digital camera once the prices had come down a bit and did landscapes when I traveled. Then in 2015 I attended a workshop in France with a photographer I’d admired for years and learned how to do portraits. I’ve been on a roll ever since.

What kind of photography do you do?

I’m willing to try anything and have tried many new things because someone asked if we could (powder, fire, black light to name a few). My three areas of focus are children/families followed year after year, the underwater black and whites, and nudes for people who wish to do them for whatever reason (body image, to “do it once,” individuals or couples who want something for a private collection, etc).

Do you shoot color or black and white?

Depends what I’m shooting. Most of my work is black and white, but some photos look great in color. Landscapes are mostly color and hired jobs (such as sports teams) are almost entirely color.

Do you shoot film?

In high school and college I used film and printed in the darkroom. At this point I work entirely digitally for the practical reasons of time and expense, but wouldn’t mind getting back into film if I had the time and resources.

Do you do weddings?

This is not a line of work I’m pursuing at this time, but you can always ask. I have done them and there are exceptions to (almost) every rule. (All things in moderation, including moderation).

Do you only photograph children?

I’ll photograph anyone regardless of age, gender, color, species, dimension, flavor (you get the idea). I just have more images of children and teens because most adults would rather have photos of their kids. This is a pity because everyone is beautiful.

What are your rates?

Photography is a luxury service in most cases and it’s expensive. I am blessed to be in a position where I can use photography as my creative outlet and a way to use a talent to give back to people. I do not typically charge a lot unless I incur a cost (printing, travel costs, props, site fees, etc), it’s commercial work (events, school/sports photos), or the client is going to make money off it (Patreon, Only Fans, etc.).

I have a shoot planned with you. What do I do now??

Don’t panic.
Go check out the What to expect… page.

I’ve had a photo shoot with you. Where do I see the images?

The easiest way at the moment is Dropbox or Google Drive, but if you don’t have one I can email them to you.

Are you working on any projects?

One of my long-term projects is to follow families with young children as they grow up. (If you’d like to be included, email me.) My other part-time project is a series of underwater black and white images which have met with some moderate success and recognition. I also have two other long-term projects in progress and am actively looking for people of all ages/genders/persuasions to participate.

Do you hire models?

I do! Models are welcome to “cold-call” me if they’re going to be in the area to see if I’m interested in hiring. Please keep in mind that if YOU are asking ME to do specific work that this is an inquiry to hire ME.

Are all the photos on your site available for purchase?

Most likely yes except for a rare possible exception I can’t think of right now. Email me! I can always start a new edition series.

How do edition numbers work?

Some of my limited edition prints are priced on a tier system. I number editions as I sell them, so 1/10 sells, then 2/10 and so on. As they start to sell out the price may increase because they’ve become less available. Once 10/10 sells then there won’t be any more made or sold, so buy early!