What to expect…


So you’re booked with me. Great!

Now what???

Here are some basic guidelines / suggestions if we’re doing portraits:

1 – What to wear?

Avoid white, logos, words, and really anything too fancy. Portraits are about either the person or the clothes. If we’re photographing you, then let’s photograph YOU.

2 – How long will the shoot last?

I usually block an hour, but time permitting if we go over I’m not going to be strict about it. It’s important to remember that good work takes time and patience. If we rush what we’re doing it’ll show.

3 – Why are you asking me not to smile?

At risk of sounding highfalutin (pretentious…d’oh! Too late.) when I photograph someone I’m trying to make an artistic portrait. I want to try and create a piece with you that someone will find captivating even if they never meet you. I learned portrait work from a fine-art photographer and was taught that smiles repel the viewer. I want you to smile with your eyes. Connect with me and the viewer with your gaze and draw us in. When you work with me think of yourself as a partner. I can’t make a good portrait without your help.

4 – When do I get to see my photos?

When I’m done editing them. It usually takes me about a week to go through the raw shots, find the best ones, and edit them. This can vary depending on how many shoots are booked and if any of them have deadlines. All things being equal I do first come first serve.

5 – How many photos will I get?

I try to make as many good ones as possible, but at the end of the day it’s better to have one amazing one than 10 that are just okay. I try for quality over quantity. How many photos of yourself do you want on your wall anyway???


Mind you all of these answers vary depending on if you’ve hired me to do something specific. If so, be sure to tell me everything you want up front. It’s easier to make you happy if I know what you want ahead of time!