I was privileged enough to be permitted to photograph the dress rehearsal for the Scorpius Dance Theatre Wednesday night. They are performing their current show David + Lisa at the Herberger Theatre in downtown Phoenix in the outdoor space (which I really liked!) masked and socially distanced of course.

I have been given approval to share the first few I found time to edit. Eventually I’ll make a page with whatever the full collection ends up being, but for now you can see batch # 1 here.

And for Heaven’s sake, go see them Friday or Saturday night! Support art!! Go!!!

The online gallery is live for the Prairie Village Arts Council Art of Photography 2021 Exhibition.

I have two pieces in the online show: the very familiar to some “Into Dreamtime” as well as one of my best images of Mt Fuji in Japan.

The entire gallery can be seen here.

At the bottom of that gallery page you can also vote for the people’s choice award. I dislike these sorts of things as it comes down to who has the most friends voting for them, but if you want to leave a vote for either piece I appreciate the love. You can only vote once.

Screen Shot 2021-04-04 at 08.04.52Screen Shot 2021-04-04 at 08.05.21


Sometimes we just like to do something else.

Sometimes we like to do something silly for the fun of it.

This is the joy of working with the same people over and over; the inhibitions come down and people can just be their silly selves.

And of course the brownies don’t hurt either.

You can see the rest here.


Last year about this time I won my first prizes for some of my work beyond “honorable mention:” three third place finishes at the Dewitt County Shutterbug Contest.

This year I only got one ribbon, but it was BLUE!

Blue Ribbon GIF


I made this photo with Davaki on a cold December morning in 2017. It had received an honorable mention in another contest, but I’m pleased to say it took FIRST in the portraits / people category. It remains one of my favorites and I’m glad someone else liked it too : P

You can see all the winners hereBUT be warned the best in show was of cheetah cubs carrying a kill. It’s not a shocking image per se, but it’s the first picture to come up and it’s larger on the left banner of the page. Just don’t want you caught off-guard like I was, and I’d seen the image before.

Last weekend I went to Page, Arizona for the first time to kayak to Antelope Canyon. I’d not kayaked before and based on the trip out I’d do it again. Based on the trip back, not so much; it was GRUELING. But every so often we have to battle through a situation because we have no other choice and then we know we can do it again. But I’d rather not. Even though I did. And I could. But I’d rather not. No thank you.

Anyway, the Page page has a few images I’ve found time to edit thus far. More may come later.
Or not. 


Yesterday I found out that one of my pieces that had been on display at the Marblehead Art Association show in January. This is not the first print I’ve sold, but it is the first sale from an art show to someone I don’t know, someone who saw it in the gallery and decided to purchase it.

We should not need the validation for our art, but it sure is nice when it happens : )


One of the things I’d like to do more of is tell stories via or with photos. Wayyyyy back in December Kit and I went out for a hike and she told me about how she’d managed to lose a lot of weight. The photos and a brief Q&A can be found on the “Stories” page and by going directly here.

Thank you Kit for sharing of your time and self.


Have a story you want to tell? Send me a message and let’s tell it. 



One of the young ladies with whom I’ve worked with this past year is in the family way, and I’m never one to let a good belly go to waste : P

So I drafted my usual markup artist, Becky Jo (who is now nationally famous for her Offerpad commercial (https://www.facebook.com/Offerpad/videos/993399611402524/) ) to work her magic. I told Becky to paint the world and once again she didn’t disappoint. The stars are glow in the dark, but I realized far too late that they wouldn’t give off enough of a glow without a SUPER long exposure, so I just lit them with studio light instead. I’m quite happy with the final product.

Congratulations to the mothers and fathers-to-be as well as all parents who enter a whole new world.

: )


I had two photos selected for the show “Everything You Love” at the Kansas City Stockyards Gallery. These are from my informal family sessions. For me they were paragons of affection. Those of us who love animals love them like (or more than) members of our own families.

FINAL - Woman's Best Friend - _MG_8575-Edit

The second photo I made of my friend Nikki with her oldest about two years ago. The girl is distracted with her technology, not an infrequent sight, but what struck me was the expression on Nikki’s face. I’ve seen it on other mother’s I’ve photographed. It’s a combination of love that only a mother can have and the worry of what Tomorrow (with a capital T) will bring. I am not a parent myself at the time of this writing, but I suspect it is a look I will see again if I’m blessed enough to continue photographing families.

FINAL - A Mother's Emotions - _MG_9876-Edit

Happy Valentine’s Day