The photo “The Lover’s Dance” was selected from 489 entries to be part of the Art Fluent online exhibition “Connection.” It’s a different piece in that I have two people, so it’s not part of the “Into Dreamtime” body of work, but it’s still a lovely image and I’m pleased it has a chance to be on display again.

You can see the full show here.

My photo “On the Edge” is on virtual display with the Marin Society of Artists this month. The image features my young friend and aspiring photographer Lexi who had found the unused tower and conceived the basic idea.

You can see the whole show on YouTube (I’m at 5:13) or on the MSA gallery page (try using Chrome, not Safari, and probably not on a phone per their advice)

Below I have the image as well as front and back of the promo card for the show. has a monthly competition for landscapes, portraits, and animals. I entered one of my Alaska “portrait” landscapes and was a finalist. This is my third finalist landscape with them. I’m pleased since my landscapes are usually quick shots and not composites; it’s very hard to compete with bona fide landscape photographers.

I received word today that I won a Silver Award in this year’s Moscow International Foto Awards. This is my third entry but my first win in the Moscow IFA. The award is for a small collection of images from what I’ve dubbed my “Most Sacred Duty” project. This project is ongoing is focuses on families that I photograph year after year. I’ve listed the collection from this year’s entry below.


MIFA 2021 Display

Got home late Sunday night from a week long National Geographic Cruise with my Mom; she doesn’t get out much and wanted to do an Alaska trip. I managed to catch a few fun shots of the local wildlife and some landscapes.

I went looking for this story, which I’d gotten approved weeks ago, to show a client while I was in Alaska last week (more on that later) and I couldn’t find it. Turns out I’d never made it public, so here it is now.

Pleased to report Mom, Dad, and Baby are all doing quite well these many weeks on. You may remember Mom from when Becky painted the globe on her belly.

Not Your Usual Maternity

Okay, maybe not technically, but the water is warm enough (sort of) to start the year’s underwater work.

Want to try it out?

Want to get some practice?

Got kids who like to splash around? (They make the best subject for what I do).

I will be able to take a limited number of people over the course of the next few months (usually through mid-September).

Shoot me an email at with the subject “underwater.”

All minors MUST have a parent/legal guardian present AT ALL TIMES.

These sessions are TFP (unless you are 18 or older and like skinny-dipping; we can discuss rates).

Stay cool!