I did my Egypt tour through Alexander + Roberts (www.alexanderroberts.com) . I’d used them for Japan and have been quite happy with both experiences. They have very full itineraries but small groups of no more than 16, so if you have the cash (and thanks to some world traveling grandparents I’ve been fortunate enough to) they’re a great group to use.

This tour happened to have the company president along and when he found out I did photography he asked if I’d get some shots of the Oberoi Philae, a VERY nice cruise ship on the Nile. The photos they’d been provided weren’t up to what he was looking for. So when I had a few moments I fired off a few shots, touched them up when I got home and sent them off. They photoshopped in a background outside the window but the room shot is mine.

Alexander Roberts 2019-03-15 marked

I’m hoping a few others will get used as well, but in either event this marks another bit of  “commercial” work. Always nice to be appreciated : )


These are the tear sheets from the February 3rd Jr issue of MMMagazine. Check them out on FB. They have monthly and weekly editions for adults and juniors.

Below are the original images, including the ones they didn’t print.


This image, which I previously showed in London in October, was selected to be part of the show at Praxis Gallery in Minneapolis MN starting March 8th. If you’re in the area go check it out! (2715 E. 26th St. | Minneapolis MN 55406)


During the trip we stopped at a carpet school. Little ones have little fingers and so can fly through the knots more quickly. This little lady paused long enough for me to snap this shot.


Sometimes you come up with an idea on the spot and sometimes it works…kind of.
This tree was casting a dark shadow on the ground and so I assigned the family members spots accordingly. Their shadows make it a little hard to spot. Can you see what we did?

Here’s a hint…

_MG_0421-Edit-Edit 2



Shooting children can be a challenge, but often the most rewarding. I always want to get a few of the kids sitting calmly for the parents because that’s what the parents want and those are nice, but I can get the best gems from letting the kids be kids. Let them run wild, let them dig, let them interact with a tree; they’ll let you into a world you’d long forgotten.

My eyes go to the foreground, then up to the girl; white shirt on silhouetted trees. Up to the bright sun. You can feel the heat of the day (never mind that it was only about 60 if that). The smoke catches my eye on the left. A small crowd of people are laughing and talking. The ball is in front of them. That’s right, the kids! There they are again. I can hear them laugh. Back to the foreground afternoon light evoking nostalgia.

It’s the discovery of that one photo you make after chasing people around clicking wildly and praying that once again you caught lightning in the bottle of your camera that makes this so worthwhile. For a moment there was life preserved in time in black and white.


I have 4 shoots scheduled for the next two weeks, so then maybe we’ll get back to people, but in the meantime I liked this crazy cat picture. It was the same evening as the sunset I posted a couple of days ago. Faith I caught mid-chops-licking and Jaina is eyeing another cat that’s eating down on the bridge. I feel like there’s a lot going on here and I’m quite the “father of cats.”