I received a phone message Sunday morning that “Saturday Afternoon” had taken one of 6 honorable mentions in the Prairie Village Arts Council 2022 Art of Photography Show.

You can see all the winners here.

This past Saturday morning I was out at the crack of dawn for a requested shoot involving red powder. My young protege conceived the idea as a way of showing strength and courage after some recent events. I suggested dawn since I wasn’t free at sunset. Both are ideal times to shoot if one doesn’t use lights (which I don’t).

I elected to remove the other colors because I found them distracting and detracting, though I did edit versions in full color per her request. These are the black and white and red all over versions.

Oh, and she paid me in donuts and OJ (and I don’t do powdered donuts : P )

The Lucie Awards has announced their winners for the “Carte Blanche” contest. Saturday Afternoon was one of a handful of finalists in the “Street Photography” category. These are international awards and to be a finalist is still a success as far as I’m concerned given the large pool of excellent work.

You can see all the categories and finalists here.

Sometimes the little victories can mean more than bigger ones. This image is part of this month’s Black Box Gallery Show “Taking Pictures” on display from April 1 – 20. This is a special win for me because I’ve applied her many times but this is the second time I’ve been accepted and the first time as part of the physical show (last time it was all virtual due to Covid). Also, I love the picture and the young lady in it.

You can see both galleries here.

Mixing my cliches, but at risk of being cliche today’s post is from a recent family shoot. I’ve photographed these two for 6.5 years and we decided it would be fun to try and recreate an image that had occurred naturally during the first shoot back in October of 2015.

There had been a trend a few years ago of adults recreating images that had been made of them as children, and so that’s not exactly original here (it was also hard to get the angle right because the kids are taller and I didn’t have a step-ladder on the hike). But the reasons I’m posting it are 1 – it’s funny, and 2 – it shows the point of my first long-term project, which is the progression of the families I follow, watching them grow up over the years.

If anyone would like to become part of my long-term body of work please feel free to reach out. Never too late to start.

Today the Marin Society of Artists online show “Exposed 2022” went live on their site. I had two pieces accepted to the show. One received THIRD PLACE (you can see it censored on today’s (March 15 2022) MYQ-ART blog here. )

This was the other photo accepted into the show:

You can see both images and the rest of the show here (though my award winning picture is uncensored there).