When I went to the workshop in 2015 the photographer who was instructing us looked at my portfolio (I’m being generous) and said “You’re actually a competent landscape photographer. Now you need to introduce the figure.” I feel like this photo did that pretty well. I used the subjects to block the direct sunlight and a reflector to redirect the light onto their faces.


One of the harder parts of doing a shoot on location is finding the perfect spot. I found these branches while on this shoot three years ago and Sarah’s pose made it look like she was part of the flow.


One of my intentions this year is to share more of what I shoot soon after I shoot it. I met this delightful partner back in November and come the new year HE contacted ME about us starting to work together. Naturally I jumped at the chance and Saturday he came over and we did some initial shooting to get a sense of each other. He’s the first person I’ve worked with that when I said “explore the space” he did, roaming around the yard and finding spots to “be.” We’ve already scheduled another shoot and I’m hoping this will be a long-term partnership.

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This puppy finally came today. My photo had been selected months ago as an honorable mention and the collection from the contest came today.

Guess at some point I should try to shoot another noteworthy photo : P

(Don’t mind the stubble; it’s for a self-portrait in a couple of weeks).


I prefer black and white in most cases.

I prefer real life moments in most cases.

This is why I have very few photos of my wife. She always wants color and a well planned and accessoried outfit. Understandable; she’s quite good at them.

But on this occasion it was permitted, probably because she’s hard at work and you can’t really see her.

These are the moments I will remember. The outfits are neat and the results a testament to planning, knowledge, and a talent for colors and created/creative jewelry. But this is the journey to get to the pretty picture. This is the one with life in it for me.

That’s why I make these.

Audri egg 20181226 edit

I would say I’m glad to see the back end of 2018, but really a lot of good stuff did happen. I got to see Italy, display photos in London, and make a lot of photos with some really neat people.

This one is again from the archives, but given that we’re on the cusp of a new year (or for some time zones already there) it seemed a good pick.

Everyone be safe tonight and I hope 2019 bring you great things.


While a new year is just another day separated from the previous day by a man-made calendar it allows us a chance to break up life into slightly more digestible chunks. 

This photo is from a year ago on a cold December morning which Davaki bravely withstood for the sake of this and several other beautiful images. I offer it as a new dawn for a new year.


This was from one of my earliest shoots after France 2015. Jennifer had been doing yoga for a while and readily agreed to meet me at the park for a session. This image of her warrior pose is one that has stood out to people from the set.