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Monday 12/4 my wife and I drove over two hours to do a location shoot. People who know me know I REALLY don’t like traveling, but sometimes you have to do it. I’m not allowed to share our work yet since she’s trying to have it accepted for publishing, but this was a quick shot I took as we were leaving. Sometimes you can spend a lot of time on a shot and it doesn’t work. Sometimes you snap a quick one and you find a gem.


I’d hoped to get another theme shoot done this fall, but it just hasn’t happened. Been doing some hired shoots and will be going up to the Sedona area tomorrow for a group with Arizona Creative Professionals. Also good to see a new location; pity it’s over 2 hours away (I dislike travel immensely, but one must get out of one’s bubble).

I still need to get the Japan photos posted. There are just SO many, how do I choose which ones. But half a dozen of the black and white street photos I took were accepted for publication in a magazine. I’ll post when it’s actually published.

In the meantime here’s another cloud photo. I love clouds. They can be shapes, ships, shorelines, or just look like fire in the sky.

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The last couple of days we’ve actually had clouds in the Arizona sky. One nice thing about a partial overcast is that you can take a picture of the sun (don’t look at it!) and create these heaven/ascending images. I love making them because I can lose myself in a moment.

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I’ve been playing catchup for a couple of weeks since I had a slew of shoots mid-to-late September. However now’s the time to start thinking about photo needs for the holidays in case you do the photo/card thing or just want to have updated photos while the fam is gathered.

Also with Halloween and Day of the Dead coming up be sure to check out my Day of the Dead series in the gallery section. All are signed, numbered, and limited.


Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is coming up November 2. Last year I shot a themed shoot (after re-watching The Crow: City of Angels) and now I’m releasing a series of limited prints (and a few glass prints) from that shoot. All come signed, numbered, and embossed with my logo. Email me for availability and prices.


Was in Gilbert yesterday even for a senior portrait shoot and as I was leaving I looked up and saw the light hit the water tower, the moon in the sky, and a plane coming between them. Got the camera up fast, spun the exposure dial, and clicked.


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Back home after a week of travel in VA and PA. Good to see friends and family far away and to photograph the kids, but always good to get home to feed and love the fur-babies, indoor and outdoor.¬†Here’s a shot of Jaina perched in front of the sunset.

Have three families worth of photos to sort through and work on with two more shoots scheduled for this weekend, but also hope to get the best of the best from Japan (wayyyy back in June) posted here for those who have been (patiently, thank you) waiting.

Friday and Saturday September 8 and 9 the Cosmonauts Sketch Comedy Troupe will be performing their TENTH comedy show at the Sic Sense Theater (near 19th St and McDowell in Phoenix). Tickets are available online and at the door.

I’ve posted behind-the-scenes¬†photos from shows eight and nine under the Prints and Galleries page. All images are available as 5×7 prints (open edition) as well as two hardcover volumes (open edition). Prints and books comes numbered, signed, and embossed with the MRP Visionaries logo.

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I added a new page with a list of magazines and spaces where my work has appeared. There are also a few sample images of the latest pieces. Check them out and check out the publications; there’s some interesting work in them.


I’ve added a portfolio with a few of the best images I’ve made from a variety of shoots. This is so people can see the kinds of things I do (a Frequently Asked Question; go check them out).

More content will be coming as I get it sorted and selected including prints and book for sale. Stay tuned for updates!