Samantha – Clothes Make the Woman


Why did you dress the way you did in high school?

While in high school I dressed for comfort over style and I was always getting dressed half awake and put on the first two things I had, this is very different than the routines I heard the other girls talking about getting up an hour early to get ready, that wasn’t me in high school.

Why did you decide to start dressing differently?

I started dressing differently because I wanted to feel confident with myself when I went out in public, I also got really into feminism after high school and found the importance of self love and by showing off the parts of my body I am confident in helped me to appreciate my body.

What is it about the outfits you chose that appeals to you?

How they accent my body and how confident they make me feel. I make choices in my outfits based on where I’m going and how I’m going to be perceived but I also feel comfortable in them and confident so that helps in social situations.


During the shoot you discussed the length of your hair and how it has matched up with your self-confidence. Is there a correlation in your mind and why do you think that is?

Personally I don’t like the way I look with short hair so I feel more beautiful with long hair.

What is it about the outfits that makes you feel more feminine?

How they show my body, shows my hips or legs makes me feel feminine.


What do you feel it means to be feminist?

To be a feminist to me is to empower yourself and other women always. Some women are empowered through nudity and some are empowered by covering up, but the important thing is to know women have the freedom to do whatever with their bodies and it’s important to support them to do so.

I also feel I’m an intersectional feminist so I like to support men and their right to express their emotions and what not.