On Tour

I did my Egypt tour through Alexander + Roberts (www.alexanderroberts.com) . I’d used them for Japan and have been quite happy with both experiences. They have very full itineraries but small groups of no more than 16, so if you have the cash (and thanks to some world traveling grandparents I’ve been fortunate enough to) they’re a great group to use.

This tour happened to have the company president along and when he found out I did photography he asked if I’d get some shots of the Oberoi Philae, a VERY nice cruise ship on the Nile. The photos they’d been provided weren’t up to what he was looking for. So when I had a few moments I fired off a few shots, touched them up when I got home and sent them off. They photoshopped in a background outside the window but the room shot is mine.

Alexander Roberts 2019-03-15 marked

I’m hoping a few others will get used as well, but in either event this marks another bit of  “commercial” work. Always nice to be appreciated : )


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