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Thursday March 22 I was fortunate enough to have two of my pieces on display at Blink Gallery in Scottsdale as part of their Art Walk “Worth 1000 Words” theme. This was the first time I had work that was exclusively mine on display in a Scottsdale gallery. If you haven’t been to the galleries at 7077 E. Main St in Scottsdale go check them out. It’s a neat little area with a lot of beautiful work.

(If you’d like to buy either piece contact me at mrpvisionaries@gmail.com).

I’ve been updating the site a little bit today with some new questions, some new galleries, and some new links. I have an exciting announcement I’ll be making tomorrow, and am planning two to four releases this year for some projects I’m finally catching up on. Stay tuned for details!

New series preview!

It’s a series of 7 sunsets I’ll be issuing as a limited run of glass prints. I’ll be doing a pre-sale promo in the near future, so stay tuned!

I’m calling it “Sunset 57.”

Why? Go look at the page : P


_MG_8652-Edit wm

Sometimes you don’t have a plan.

Sometimes you just have to play around and see what happens.

This was shot with an f1.8 50mm lens. My willing partners had brought some faux flowers, and there were bushes that happened to have real yellow flowers.

Sometimes the muse strikes, but you have to be out there so s/he can find you.


Last month I visited Montezuma’s Well for the first time. The neatest part for me was seeing ducks dive beneath the surface. I’d seen them invert in ponds and lakes, but from a high perspective with clear enough water we could watch them dive down several feet before disappearing into the darkness, only to return moments later.

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 1.06.19 PM

For those of you who missed the once-in-a-lifetime space event of the week (seriously, didn’t we just have one of these?!) here are some thumbnails of the moon I managed to capture early Wednesday morning. Light was the real challenge, especially once the moon was fully eclipsed, but the images are decent enough for a 5×5 or 8×8.

Space is cool : P

Happy new year!

Okay, it’s at the tail end of New Year’s Day in AZ, but it’s never too late for pretty pictures. I’m developing and planning ideas for 2018. Hoping to try some new things as well as figure out where I’m traveling next. Hopefully you’re all thinking about your next adventure too, be it foreign or just in your own backyard.