I added a new page with a list of magazines and spaces where my work has appeared. There are also a few sample images of the latest pieces. Check them out and check out the publications; there’s some interesting work in them.


I’ve added a portfolio with a few of the best images I’ve made from a variety of shoots. This is so people can see the kinds of things I do (a Frequently Asked Question; go check them out).

More content will be coming as I get it sorted and selected including prints and book for sale. Stay tuned for updates!


I’m thinking I should post weekly (at least) even though nothing is up yet. No one’s looking yet, but it’ll get me in the habit. I AM gathering content so there’s something to look at when people start venturing to the page, including photos from JAPAN (did you hear that in a big voice, because I did).

A-gathering I go!


After much hemming/hawing and agonizing I’ve begun a dedicated page to my various activities and exploits. Right now this site will feature mostly photography work, but I’m hoping to add writing and whatever else comes up in the future. I’ll be adding content as I dig through the last couple of years of work, so bookmark me and check back from time-to-time.

: )