PRE-SALE for the my first Sunset 57 series is here!

Until June 10th and 9:00 PST I’ll take orders for these limited edition images printed on 5×7 glass. Each image is limited to editions of 7.

This will be the only time I can guarantee a complete set of 7 images with the same edition number, so email me ( and order now!

Sunset 57



Sometimes a quick off the cuff shot presents itself and comes out great. Sometimes we plan heavily and put in a lot of work and it’s…eh. This was the former. My spouse and I were at a film shoot in L.A. in April and I’d gone to collect or dispose of something, and when I returned I saw her gazing out the 40+th floor of the Bank of America building. Quick snap or two and boom.

(The film was “When the Train Stops” which will be coming out later this year with Darren Jacobs as well as Vic Mignogna (Star Trek Continues), Rekha Sharma (Star Trek Discovery), John de Lancie (Star Trek TNG), and Michael Forest (ST TOS).

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 9.17.13 PM

Sometimes I wonder, as I think all artists do, why we bother doing what we do. Does anyone really care one way or the other?

Then I see a moment like this. A souvenir of a proud moment for father and son sitting in front of a photo I made a year ago as they’d practiced, framed and part of an important memory for the two of them. I am grateful and humbled to have been permitted to witness and capture this moment for them.

THIS is why I got into photography.

THIS is why I pick up the camera.



Made some changes to the site layout as part of a reorganizing process. I just found the colors on the old one to be distracting. This is more in line with my preferred photography philosophy (more on that later).

Now here’s a landscape on the way back from Miami (Arizona, not Florida. I KNOW…I had no idea either).




This little guy came to visit yesterday morning. He’s actually very brave as he often gets closer to the ground and the cats eye him like the flying snack he could be. I’m pleased that s/he, or one of his/her ilk, have regularly come back each year and often swoop down to hover and say hello to me.


This one continues to be a favorite! Earlier this month I entered a competition at 5th Base Gallery in London. There was 1 winner, 5 finalists, and 14 shortlisted artists. I was one of the 5 finalists with the above image. Woot!

No, not drugs. I’ve never drank, smoked, or shot up anything (except vaccines, but I didn’t do it myself; I’m sure a union would get mad or something).

I’m talking about GURU shots. It’s a site/app where you can enter photos into contest and get validation by people voting on them. Upside: I feel (false?) validation. Downside: one more eater of time. Still, better than Facebook.

Also we spent a few days in L.A. for a film project. We were just extras and backers, but great to see some of the same faces from Star Trek Continues (check it out…now). Got to meet John De Lancie, Michael Forest, and the upcoming and very nice Darren Jacobs.



I was fortunate enough to be selected as the feature artist for April for Rayner’s UK Cafe (just north of Thunderbird and 51st Ave). Six of my photos from my 2014 U.K. trip will be hanging for sale for the month. Go check them out and make Rayner’s UK Cafe your new morning coffee stop!

And now more cell phone pictures : P

2018-03-22 - Blink Gallery.jpg

Thursday March 22 I was fortunate enough to have two of my pieces on display at Blink Gallery in Scottsdale as part of their Art Walk “Worth 1000 Words” theme. This was the first time I had work that was exclusively mine on display in a Scottsdale gallery. If you haven’t been to the galleries at 7077 E. Main St in Scottsdale go check them out. It’s a neat little area with a lot of beautiful work.

(If you’d like to buy either piece contact me at