With Love and Humor

I’ve worked with many models over the last few years, and I am truly grateful to the people who give of their time and selves.


I’ve often thought that a lot of pictures I see (and have made) have poses that I just don’t get. Why is she falling downstairs? Why is she posing in a kitchen? Why the dramatic pose? Perhaps it is a failing or lack of understanding on my part, but I don’t get it.


I do know a chance for some fun and humor when I see one. So with that in mind I enlisted the aid of my dear friends Heather (model and photographer) and Becky Jo (MUA and actor among other things). Heather’s modeling style is exactly the type I wanted to have fun with and Becky and I met via a comedy troupe many years ago. These two were the perfect choices for my little project and both have expressed great pleasure at the outcome.

I hope all see the humor and know that it is with great affection that I present it with full permission of both my collaborators as I would never want to make any photo that makes someone feel less than loved and the wonderful gift they are to the world.

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