Shot the Frame FTW

They say if you don’t enter you can’t win.

I wasn’t going to enter August’s Shoot the Frame competitions, but I did at the last second and…I won the “Shoot the Land” category for the month.

This comes as a surprise as, frankly, I thought the other images in the competition were all much better. I’ve been dubbed “a competent landscape photographer” but I don’t composite; I will edit to enhance shadows and color and perhaps adjust the cropping, but the images are largely what’s there. I don’t swap out skies or add other layers. Consequently I make some nice landscapes but it’s not my speciality.

Still, it’s an honor to be selected and a good reminder that if we don’t throw it out there it can’t stick.

You can see the rest of the month’s images here.

Also, funny thing, my entries for July, which I thought had just plain lost, must have been moments too late for July because the following image was a finalist for August:

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