A-MUSE-ing ?

Last week I received word that I had won an award in the first Muse Photography Awards. Imagine my surprise to find out I had not won one but SIXTEEN awards.

Stay with me, there’s a lot to unpack here.

I also won 3 golds and a silver with my underwater series of 8 images I submitted.

The awards, nearest I can tell, are best in category, platinum, gold, silver, honorable mention.

Now it’s true that it’s lovely to win but it’s a little suspect that EVERY image won SOMEthing. Granted, all these images I submitted have won some notice before in some capacity (I’m sure some of you are tired of seeing “Into Dreamtime”).

I suspect the plethora of notice is due to several factors, including:
1 – First time contest
2 – You can BUY real statues and paper certificates for your winning images
3 – My brilliant work : P

But seriously I take this win with a grain of salt. The blue ribbons that River of Dreams won at smaller local contests in Texas mean more because it’s clear they didn’t award every photo with something.

Still, it’s always nice to be noticed and maybe get some notoriety and fame.

So, here’s the spoils:

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