Everything You Love

I had two photos selected for the show “Everything You Love” at the Kansas City Stockyards Gallery. These are from my informal family sessions. For me they were paragons of affection. Those of us who love animals love them like (or more than) members of our own families.

FINAL - Woman's Best Friend - _MG_8575-Edit

The second photo I made of my friend Nikki with her oldest about two years ago. The girl is distracted with her technology, not an infrequent sight, but what struck me was the expression on Nikki’s face. I’ve seen it on other mother’s I’ve photographed. It’s a combination of love that only a mother can have and the worry of what Tomorrow (with a capital T) will bring. I am not a parent myself at the time of this writing, but I suspect it is a look I will see again if I’m blessed enough to continue photographing families.

FINAL - A Mother's Emotions - _MG_9876-Edit

Happy Valentine’s Day

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