Top o’ the Mountain

Well maybe not the top but…let me explain…

Despite my successes this year there are STILL a gallery or two that I’d submitted to multiple times where my work wasn’t accepted (I KNOW, right?? : P  )  But today I received notice that one more bastion has been cracked.

The Black Box Gallery in Portland, OR accepted my black and white Mt Fuji landscape.


Landscapes are not my usual fare other than when I travel, but there are a few nice little gems from my various journeys and this was quite a sight on our last full day of that most excellent trip to the Far East (even though we traveled west…)

The exhibition will be virtual but I printed up a copy on 17 x 22 paper and it looks great.

…just in case anyone wants one : P

1 Comment

  1. I would love to purchase the 17 x 22 that you printed. Please let me know the cost. It’s beautiful and would love it as a remembrance of the trip.


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