Shoot the Land

I was checking up on various submissions I made in the last couple of months, and there’s a page called “Shoot the Frame” where each month they have a contest for pictures for land, wild, and faces. I submitted a photo of Mt. Fuji and received a “finalist” listing for it.

Shoot the Frame - 2020-05 Land Finalist

It’s always pleasing to have one’s work selected, but I’m doubly pleased because I don’t shoot big colorful composites; I shoot what I see and don’t dress it up. My landscapes are “as shot,” and while I will enhance by making it black and white or if it’s in color I’ll bring the colors out, but it’s ONE photo, not many layered photos. Consequently my landscapes can’t usually compete with those who dedicate themselves to collecting different pieces to create their (undeniably beautiful) version of the world.

You can see some of those beautiful landscapes here.

along with the categories for “The Wild” and “The Face.”


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