Photography Books 003

This week’s offering is The Last Testament by Jonas Bendiksen.

The Last Testament is a collection of the writings and in many cases the interviews with seven men who believe or at least offer themselves up as the returned Jesus. There are seven sections and each starts with the writings of the self-styled prophets followed by, in most cases, an interview with said pseudo-savior. In some cases Jonas had to settle for information he could gather because he was denied access to the man in question. There is a photo section for each aspiring prophet as well.

I selected this book because it’s a collection of stories in a stylized packaging (made to look like the Bible or what a “Third Testament” might look like). It’s an example of “journalism” done (it seems) properly with interviews, material, and no judgement. Photos are to be used to tell or enhance a story, and here they do the latter, documenting the lives of these seven men.

Book 003 - The Last Testament

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