Photography Books 001

I’ve decided to start listing some photography books I find that I really like. There are a lot out there and I’ve managed to find a few that really speak to me. I’ll list them here in my blog and on a dedicated page if they’re of interest. Also, they’ll appear in no particular order.

My first offering is The Way of the Japanese Bath by Mark Edward Harris (I’ve included the blurb and photo below). I liked this book for three reasons:
1 – It’s a collection of excellent black & white work
2 – I’ve been to Japan, so it reminds me of the trip (though I did not have a Japanese bath)
3 – Nude work tends to be my favorite photography content when it’s used artfully and not sexualized, which it isn’t here.

The photos are visually stunning, and I can feel the heat from the baths and coolness from the outside air. Having been to Japan I know the smells and sounds, but the photos alone are worth the trip through this volume.

Book 001 - Way of the Japanese Bath

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