We are all inspired by someone. When I used to write books my inspirations were Isaac Asimov, Philip K. Dick, Final Fantasy, James Bond, and the Hardy Boys (the detectives, not the wrestlers, though I SO want a movie where they take a Hardy Boys mystery and have the wrestlers in place of the teenagers).

I recently became aware that a photo I made back in December with Roarie Yum (IG: roar_yum) inspired artist Nicola Bongiorno (IG: nb_crap) to make his own unique image.

nb_crap 2020-03 from my shot of Roarie

This was a reminder to me that we all can inspire someone else to make something unique and beautiful. I am pleased to have helped contribute to another’s creative outlet just as others have inspired me.

Below I’ve included a censored version of the original image. I’m sorting through how best to share the artistic nudes I’ve started doing, but this seems a good time for a preview.



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