Review: Saal Digital

A couple of months ago I came across an ad or an email for Saal Digital ( and upon request received a voucher to try out their company. They have various products, but I chose to make an 8×8 photo album for a friend (she hasn’t see it yet, so no telling).

First thing you have to do is download the building software. Since I have a Mac this was easy enough. The photo book building program is similar to others I’ve used (Shutterfly, which is on their site, and Blurb which is also a downloaded software) so it didn’t take me long to figure out how to use it. Most of these sites have a standard number of pages you can fill and then each additional page costs a little more, so I kept the standard number of pages and placed one photo per page. Since I was creating what was more or less a portfolio book this worked nicely.

The book is good quality, higher ended than either Shutterfly or Blurb. The spine and back are black leather and the front looks like a clear plastic so the cover image can shine though but won’t be damaged. The pages are a thick and heavy duty card-stock so they don’t bend. This gives each photo the feel of being mounted with a nice shine that gives life and light to each page and picture.

Would I make another book? Yes, either for a gift or a special presentation copy. Like I said, it’s a higher end self-designed product and the price will reflect that, but it was easy to make, good solid quality, and the customer service was excellent.

You can check them out at

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