Tooting my own horn…


I dislike showing off (at least consciously). But one of the points of the creative process is to make something that you love. I’ve been fortunate enough to create a few pieces that I’m in love with. 

This is the latest one.

I’d not walked the ASU campus before, so when Alex suggested it I jumped at the chance. He showed me a few nooks and crannies and then we crossed over towards the arts area.   This was a different kind of shooting for me because usually I just do portraits, the focus being more on the person. This shoot harkened back to something the photographer from whom I learned the most important lessons had said in 2015. He’d told me “You’re a competent landscape photographer, dude. Now you need to learn to introduce the figure.”

That’s what I did here. I saw the layout, set up the shot, and then asked Alex to walk through. I didn’t know until I’d edited it that we’d made a winner, but I love it. I hope you do too.

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