Vampires! (Scorpius Dance Theatre)


October 3rd 2018 I was privileged to be allowed to photograph the Scorpius Dance Theatre dress rehearsal of their show “A Vampire Tale.” I’ve seen this group perform several times and their shows are always amazing.

This shoot was a major technical challenge as I couldn’t use lights or flashes and, while having seen the show during a previous run, I wasn’t familiar with what was to come. I had to balance shutter speed against a very high ISO (2500!) such that I would get enough light but also not end up with motion blur, and then anticipate where the dancers were going to go. I had a lot of fun doing it and have some nice results.

A special thank you to Lisa and the company for allowing me this opportunity!

Gallery here (still being added to during October 2018)
Scorpius Dance Theatre – A Vampire Tale

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