My earliest (and at the time best) photos came from my travels. I was “a competent landscape photographer” and I’d like to think I’ve gotten better.

Now admittedly no one who flits through a place such as I do is going to make work as good as someone who lives there, sees the place every day, and knows it like their own home. But I’ve enjoyed these places and some people may not get to see them or just haven’t yet. I hope these will inspire people to travel and make their own memories. Until you do, please feel free to look often and “oooh” and “aaahhh.”

mg_7397    Page, AZ (2021)

_MG_7501-Edit    Manitoba (2019)

_MG_2750-Edit-Edit    Egypt (2019) – Black & White

_MG_2750-Edit    Egypt (2019)

_MG_8961-Edit    London (2018)

_MG_9212    Italy (2018)

_MG_8640-Edit-3    Japan (2017)

_MG_2980-Edit    Jerome, AZ 2016 – Black & White

_MG_0791-Edit    Lancaster, PA (2016)

Leeds Castle    United Kingdom (2014)