Story: Kit – Half the Woman She Used to Be

I photographed Kit back in the fall (2020) and found out she’d lost a lot of weight. I asked if she wanted to do a mini-story with a photo series and she agreed.



How much did you weigh and how much did you get down to?
When I first started I was 360 lb. I am currently at 147 lb.

Did doctors tell you to lose weight?
Yes, a doctor told me to lose the weight for my health.

It’s one thing for a doctor to tell you to lose weight, but you had to decide to do it. What made you determined to lose it?
There are a lot of reasons but the main reasons is the fear of not being there for the ones i love.  Also to build up my physical and mental health.  


What contributed to you gaining as much weight as you did?
In honesty lack of discipline and puberty as well as getting off ADHD meds.

How long were you on the ADHD meds and how are you doing?
I was on the meds as a kid since  kindergarten up to age 14 or 15. Then was off until about 3 years ago. I am doing good.


How did you choose your exercises?
I started with the low impact and light cardio and slowly made the grind to where I am today. Building up my muscles and  lungs to handle  more than  I have in a very long time.  

Which exercise became your favorite and why?
I love cardio outdoors the most. Biking as well as hiking, walking, etc. Indoor cardio is split between bike and treadmill. I enjoy putting my Bluetooth in with music going, and just go to the beat.


How long do you work out each day? 
I do one hour in the morning to tone up. Need more work.

Have you become “addicted” to exercise?
Yes I must say I have. 


How do you feel if you miss a day? 
1 or 2 days not so bad but 3 I start to feel depressed.

How quickly did the weight come off and how in what ways to you feel different?
It took a long while. I feel better about my looks as well as I can breath better.