Lexi – “Bullying”

“Bullying” is a new series conceived by Lexi (creative mind behind Artography).


You have conceived another set about a dark but very important topic. Was this from personal experience or exploring the topic generally?

Honestly a little bit of both. I’ve experienced both but I wanted to explore the topic through photography as a way of accepting and moving past the past.


Please talk a little bit about the sequence. What in your mind is the narrative here?

The narrative is a girl getting bullied for being “not enough” for today’s society. So she tries unhealthy methods of losing weight and begins to focus too heavily on her looks. But she realizes that she won’t ever be enough; no matter what she does there will always be something “not good enough.”


When you come up with these projects do you design them thematically or do you go as far as storyboarding them in your head?

It depends on the shot. For some I knew exactly what I wanted, for others it was an idea to play around with.


Were you happy with how they came out? Does one piece stand out more than the others for you?

I was very happy, yes. The one piece that stood out the most was the one of the girl sitting on the trampoline dreaming about being accepted.


Given that the series seems a little more like a narrative as opposed to the Depression series, which was a collection of images of feelings, why did you choose to give the story a sad ending?

Because most of the time happy endings are given and we forget that people have the sad ending of the story. I don’t want people to ever forget the impact their words have for people.


With the understanding that you have safe places and people to talk to, does creating a series like this serve as a complement to therapy, is it a way to reach out to others who might have similar problems, or is there some other motivating factor?

For me it’s a way to show others that they’re not alone, and in a way it’s to shock people into seeing what happens behind closed doors. If we never look at the problem then it can’t be fixed.