Encore Dance Center – 2019-06-07 rehearsal



Firstly, thank you to Regina for allowing me the chance to photograph the rehearsal. It was an interesting challenge given that I had never seen the performances before, but I managed to catch a few moments in a most enjoyable afternoon.

There are two sections of photos below: edited (marked with my company watermark) and UNedited (with the “uncorrected proof” watermark). The edited ones are ones I’ve cropped and cleaned up and are final images and can be purchased either as prints or digital files (all of which will not have watermarks on them).

The uncorrected proofs have only been cropped and maybe made a little brighter. If anyone would like to purchase one of them I’m happy to clean it up as desired. There were simply too many to do full edits on without knowing if they’d be wanted.

In either event, please enjoy the galleries : )

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1.       1               2               3                4               5                6                 7               8               9















If you would like one of these edited for purchase please email me at mrpvisionaries@gmail.com with the row and number (i.e. 2-4 would mean row 2, 4th image counted from the left).

Rows 1 – 3:

4 – 6:

7 – 9:

10 – 12:

13 – 15:

16 – 18:

19 – 21:

22 – 23:


Do you want print or digital file? All images are available for purchase.
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